I’ve called my new blog The Lucky Apple because I’ve recently started looking after my wellbeing a whole lot better.

Wait! Stay where you are, this won’t take a minute.

I know, I know, living well is Yawnsville, isn’t it ? I have slowly evolved into the kind of woman I used to loathe, and the beauty of it is, I don’t care, because that’s what being well does for you. This blog won’t be about getting thinner, or richer or younger although all of the stüffe I’m going to be blogging about will ideally increase your health, make you eat better, using cosmetic products that cost very little and which can have a wrinkle reducing effect on the skin, so yeah actually, I hope you’ll have all those things.
Can’t promise though. And I’m not a herbalist, nutritionist or skincare expert so take it all with a fat dose of salt and we’ll be fine.

However, it’s about the little things we do, the tiny little things that can give us some enjoyment, or value or both. Feeling better is what it’s about.

So with that in mind;

Chai Tea 

Chai tea never, ever fails to uplift me. Even the preparation of it I find soothing, and once the spicy, exotic smell starts to waft about the place you’ll feel like you’ve just swallowed the Little Book of Calm. Its cooling in the summer but really now, with the rain pelting it down outside and the first frosts in the early morning air it really works wonders on you.

My Recipe (open to interpretation, as always)

3 cinnamon sticks
4 pods of cardamom, smashed open
6/7 cloves
Few chunks of peeled ginger, about half a thumb in all, more if you like it with a real kick
Teaspoon of black peppercorns
Teabags (I use decaff but caffeinated is better I think)

(N.B Lots of authentic recipes use Star Anise, which I hate so much my tongue tries to crawl back down my throat. But feel free to stick some in if you like in ainseedy)

  •  Chuck it in a medium sized saucepan and half fill with water.
  •  Boil for ten minutes
  •  Remove from heat, add 1 tbsp honey or lots of sugar. This stuff tastes best sweet.
  •  Chuck in two teabags, stir.
  •  Allow to steep for ten minutes.
  •  Add milk (it needs to be pretty milky, you want it to be beige, like an old man’s trousers). This should effectively almost double the quantity of liquid.
  •  Reheat. Strain in cup or teapot. Drinky.

The joy of this is if you and your chums don’t drink it all in one go you can keep it on the stove to reheat at leisure. If you want it to last more than a couple of days don’t add milk at step 6, just strain off into a smaller saucepan and add milk and heat separately.

Lovely, lovely Magic Chai. We took it in a flask to the beach today. Here is my girl enjoying it.