Yes, I am loconuts for coconuts. Coconut Oil to be precise, which I have recently discovered and now cannot believe I have never used it before. It can deep condition your hair, add weight and texture to smoothies and can calm outbreaks of dandruff and eczema. But that is just the tip of the brown, round, hairy iceberg.

Reports show that coconut oil has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-protozoa properties due to the amount of lauric acid it contains. It also tastes wonderful – not oily oily, like you’ve just dumped a teaspoon of fat inside your system, but lovely and light and fragrant with – well, coconuts, obviously – and it can be used to replace many of the fats and oils used for cooking. It’s like getting a mighty blast of immune and heart health boosting power, from a great big friendly coconut god. I imagine him to look like the sun from the Vitalite adverts circa 1991.

I use mine currently as a body moisturiser (it’s the first thing I grab when I get out the shower, while my skin is still wet) and weekly as a deep hair conditioner. I also bought a cold pressed, organic jar of coconut oil to use internally, in smoothies and toast. Eventually I intend to make my own body lotion and you can bet your sweet ass that’s going to have coconut oil in it too.