There isn’t a charity shop rail in Torquay which I haven’t fingered. There isn’t a cardboard box full of suspicious looking items marked ‘50p’ which I haven’t rifled through. If you’ve picked up a leather skirt in a charity shop in the Torbay area recently chances are I’ve had it wrapped round my arse.
Having moved from Brighton – where the charity shops seem to revolve around the principle that any old shit can pass as Vintage – to Devon – where items are hurled at the volunteers in disgust if they’re priced over three pounds – I am having a ball, a blast and a scream looking round these local shops. There is barely any altruism in my motives (although if you want to look at it from a Wellbeing point of view your money is going to be better spent in Oxfam rather than Primark) however, I am only in it for the bargains. Something for very little will always make me feel good.
My local charity shop is Animals in Distress and I am in love with it. I literally walk out of there CACKLING, my arms loaded with stüffe, gleefully thrusting things in people’s faces and asking them to guess how much I’d paid for it. There are now no animals in distress in the Torbay area. They’ve had to rename the shops.

So in a post which is a mighty stealth boast here are some of the awesome things I picked up recently.

LOOK!!!!!! At these bad boys. I saw them and thought ‘Debbie Harry circa 1974’ and bought them. Brand new, real leather, never been worn. ONE POUND. You can’t look too closely because you’ll notice that they are designed for octogenarians and are from BHS but still, ONE POUND.

KEEL OVER when you see this scarf. Because nothing says ‘I like to help Animals in Distress’ like a scarf covered in dogs with their names beneath in Spanish. Here is the San Bernardo. TWENTY FIVE PENCE. TWENTY FIVE PENCE!!!!!

FAN YOURSELF as you get a hot flush from my teapots and wicked little cups. So pretty and so barely practical I had to buy them. The most expensive was the Goblin teapot at ONE POUND TWENTY FIVE.

WONDER! Why I bought this Viking ornament which still had it’s ‘From the Viking Museum’ tags on. I think I like his scary face, and also that he is modelled on a statue they found in a Viking grave. All for a macabre TWO POUNDS FIFTY.

EXCLAIM! At this real corkboard which is in a heavy wooden frame. THREE POUNDS FIFTY. I have stuck nonsense to it and it still makes me smile.

I’m visiting charity shops in Totnes tomorrow. I think I’m going to need a bigger boat bag.