Once upon a time in 1982 a song called The Lion Sleeps Tonight was released by a group called Tight Fit. It still remains my song of choice when in the shower, or when scaring small children although the two are not mutually exclusive. It was also nominated for the Song With Lyrics Sounding Most Like A Toddlers Bedtime Story Book but was soundly beaten by David Bowie’s pun-heavy Laughing Gnome.

When I wrote my piece on Depression (you can find it here) I did so to give this blog some context, to illustrate how I’d been feeling and how I’ve been helping myself get to the point I’m at now. Little boosts of Wellbeing, like unexpected chocolate coins found in your shoes.

(Still with me? Sleeping lions, laughing gnomes, post natal depression, chocolate shoes, yeah? Yeah. I’ll tie it together somehow, you’ll see.)

I’m not a morning person. I tend to greet the day with a face like a bloodhound opening his credit card bill. Like Droopy on mogadons. Its not easy for me to get out of bed and open the curtains without cursing. I swear like a docker at the dawn chorus.

So I’m going to give you five useful tips for making mornings just that little bit sweeter, that little bit nicer to face. You won’t cartwheel out of bed singing ‘Who Will Buy This Wonderful Feeling?” but you might – might- not punch your beloved in the face for whistling.

S-T-R-E-T-C-H. Most mammals, upon waking, have a good stretch. Ever seen a cat rising from a nap? It’s like watching Teenwolf do Yoga. They do it to get their blood flowing again, to wake up their senses and increase their alertness. It works. You can even do it in bed. Splay your fingers and toes and really stretch. It’s worth looking at a yoga position called the Cat which feels blissful when your muscles are bunched or stiff

Brush your teeth. My dentist told me to do this. Acids build up on teeth overnight so the biggest favour you can do for your gnashers first thing during morning ablutions is brush. It also has the added bonus of freshening your breath and giving you a pepperminty jolt into wakefulness.

Scrub. Dry skin brushing revs up the circulation, exfoliates the skin, reduces appearance of cellulite and stimulates and detoxes the lymphatic drainage system. I do it before my shower, just two minutes brushing and then I’m done. Use long upward strokes towards your heart. I bought mine for a fiver or so from the chemists.

Drink. Hot water and lemon. You can fill a glass with cold water and lemon and just top it up to warm using the boiling water from making your tea or coffee. It clears your body of unwanted toxins, brightens skin, balances your PH levels, aids digestion and bolsters your vitamin C levels. That shits so FRESH it oughta be kept in the cooler!*

Sing. Do it to the radio if it’s switched on or in the shower if the acoustics are good. Find a song that lifts you, even if you feel and look like a nine hundred year old Keith Richards and have it ready for the morning. It will motivate you, or move you, or just inch a tiny wedge of light beneath the black slab of your gloomy spirits.

*Ugh. I don’t know what’s got into me this evening. Sorry.