“Things of great beauty are most becoming when none too dear nor too dear.”

I made this quote up myself due to the sheer effort involved in looking for something similar on Google. Please don’t misunderstand that – I really am too lazy to Google something.

So now you’re thinking ‘SHUT IT OSCAR WILDE AND SHOW ME THE CHARITY SHOP GOODS’ aren’t you? Course you are you aggressive little tyke. Any more of that attitude through and I’ll have to have a word, yeah? Can’t believe you’ve kicked off already and we’re barely past the first paragraph.

First up and “HOLY COW THERE’S SOMETHING CRAWLING UP YOUR JACKET!! There!! Right by your neck, it’s – oh. It’s just a gold brooch of a leopard mid-prowl channeling early eighties Jackie Collins and made of 100% pure AWESOME. £2. Oxfam.


These shoes were free. Tra-la-la these shoes were free. So good I photoed them twice, they have some cracks on the soles which mean I may never get to wear them as much as I’d like and also means the lady in the PDSA gave them to me for FREEPENCE. I put some money in their box though.



Stairway to Heaven it’s Legs Eleven. That is what you’d shout if you saw me coming toward you in these bad boys. They go all the way up to eleven for £1.50.



This Bag. Oh, This Bag. Brightening my grubby old year by appearing like a tiny mirage in the Mare and Foal Charity Shop it is big, real leather and it hurts me physically to be parted from it. I’m thinking surgical attachment, I’m thinking taxidermy. Lovely lovely lovely big ol’ roomy ol’ bag.